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Protege Tutorial

A short tutorial on the basics of Protege, an ontology building software.
Lois Hutubessy : Great explanation, great music
Tabong Channel : help me ? :( in my protege i dont have ontograf, how to show it?
shawn freeman : Why did you need to type Tiara's "hasDept" since the field itself was already typed?
PANKAJ TIWARY : please post more tutorials
Onyemaechi Chibuogwu : GREAT GRACE BRETHREN!!!

Protege Tutorial

This is a follow-along tutorial for creating an ontology in protege. In this tutorial, we look at how to create class, visualize the ontology, how to define object property and data property and how to define individuals. We also take a look at how to use the reasoner to check if the ontology is consistent.

Updated Protégé Video:\u0026t=16s

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Intro 0:00
Classes 1:40
Reasoner 05:21
Object Property 05:53
Data Property 08:26
Individuals 11:00

Link to my previous video on web ontology language:

To add images in protege:

To install protege software:

To install OWL Viz:
Devajith jyothi : can you please take a video to query sparql from this ontology.
Kevin Peter : This was so informative. Thank you, hoping to see more videos!
Chiranjeevi Raj : Share your Gmail details. Really so informative. kindly upload more videos in protege.
Antonio Britto : Very good, congratulations and keep up the good work. Success and thank you.
Fire Phoenix : Good video. Can you record next time in stereo and not mono? I have your voice only on the left ear, the music is on both ;)

THE PROTÉGÉ Official Trailer (2021)

THE PROTÉGÉ Official Trailer (2021) Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Action Movie HD
© 2021 - Lionsgate
RogueNatsume : Maggie Q? Ok I'm in
Andrew Johnson : This looks great and Maggie Q is nailing it!
jovayutube : Nikita and the Hitman? LET'S DO THIS!
Dat Meme : Catch your fall with one hand on a firehose from 4 stories. Physics brought to you by the Fast and Furious franchise.
Dat Meme : Gee, I wonder what happens to SLJ...




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