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Eurex Improve – How it works

This animation explains how Eurex Improve works, achieving full execution of customer orders at the best available price. Customers are encouraged to get in touch with their bank or broker to use the service.

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Hans Gruber : Please add the Micro Dax 1 EUR. The mini Dax 5 eur is still too big. CME
has introduced the micros and now the micro Nasdaq (1/10 of the mini),
has a daily volume bigger than emini. All traders are forced to go to the scammer CFD Brokers!

T7 - The Eurex trading technology | Eurex Group

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Watch this video with Wolfgang Eholzer, Head of Trading IT, and learn all you need to know about key functional and technical aspects of Eurex Exchange's T7. Find more information on our trading architecture on:

Introducing Eurex Micro-Futures

With Eugen Mohr, VP of Equity and Index Sales Americas, Eurex and Andrew Rocco, Sr. Manager

The Eurex suite of Micro Futures Contracts are now available! Eurex Micro Futures allow traders to trade Europe’s most liquid markets (Dax, Euro STOX, SMI) with contracts 10x smaller than the normal contract, and 5x smaller than the Eurex Mini Contract. In this webinar, Eugen Mohr, VP of Equity and Index Sales Americas, Eurex will walk you through what you need to know. Then, Andrew Rocco, Sr. Manager Educational Content, TradeStation Group will provide color on how you can expand your repertoire with Eurex Micro Futures.
In this webinar you will learn:
• How you can gain exposure to Europe’s most liquid markets
• Precise hedging techniques
• Some ways to fine-tune index exposure




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