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Using This - These - That - Those | English Grammar & Composition Grade 1 | Periwinkle

Using This - These - That - Those | English Grammar \u0026 Composition Grade 1 | Periwinkle

In this video we will learn about the usage of this, these, that \u0026 those.

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THIS, THAT, THESE & THOSE | Grammar lesson | Learn the difference & quiz!

We hope you enjoyed this video! If you have any questions please ask in the comments.
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YBoy : ITS good for me
Shailza : Keep doing your doing great best way of explanation you had done I really like this awesome keep shining in youtube
Yash Chavan : What a video ❤️
19UEN40 : This video is very helpful

These UNO MAS Levels Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Episode #55 of the UNO MAS levels showcase series!!!

For those that don't know what an UNO MAS level is, essentially it's a short level made to showcase something neat, unique, silly or glitchy in Mario Maker 2. Typically, once figured out, these levels will take under 30 seconds to beat...but those 30 seconds are usually filled with eye opening moments. Let's dive into these levels!

Shoutout's to all the level creators in today's video. Level codes are featured in the video before each level is played, so check them out!

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elijah rust : On the one with the “unlimited coins” it was just new blocks being activated and then being broken
Eragon Schattentoeter : At 14:40 you're not getting unlimited coins from two blocks in the setup. Instead there is an entire row of invisible blocks in the contraptions path that are continuously activated and then destroyed immediately by the two balls.
The Game Wheel : That first level has me thinking of a certain flavored burrito idea…
D.J. Droz : How to kill the angry sun in Mario Maker.
*super star invincibility,
*throwing a POW at it,
*it being near a bob-omb when it explodes,
*facing it while holding an enemy,
*kicking an enemy at it,
*goomba shoe ground pound shockwave,
*hitting it with a spikeball.

Fun Fact: the spiny shelmet is the only item that can kill every killable enemy but, the angry sun is the only one that it can't kill if you're wearing it, you have to either hold or throw it. Munchers and thwomps are the opposite, requiring that you wear the shelmet in order to kill them with it. Phanto is the only unkillable enemy, the only way to get rid of it is to use it's key.
WavemasterAshi : I'd like to know how he resisted the temptation to do the Superball Dance




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